It was yet another beautiful start to the day. The trainees were in for the morning swim, then morning to morning duties, followed by a delicious breakfast.
Today was the day for the skipper swap, as captain Kim had things to get done back on the mainland. It was very sad to say goodbye, but the trainees welcomed our new skipper- Terry, with open arms.
Thanks Kim for everything you have done over the start of the voyage!
Mandy was first to complete the Tucker challenge followed by Puti, Renee, Jack, Sophie, Riley, Maureen, Azariah and Summer. Well Done trainees! Liam and Airim have hopes of completing it tomorrow.
Next up it was time for an island walk to stretch out trainees nervous legs. We hoisted anchor and motored over to Waiiti Bay- Moturua Island where we completed the island’s popular loop track.
The trainees really enjoyed their time on land. As we reached the tender, Renee and Sophie decided to swim back to the ship with one of the crew members, while the other trainees took our 5 star ferry back to the ship. Back on board it was devilled sausages for lunch. Some of the trainees decided they wanted to go for a dive, so we hoisted the anchor once again and motored around the corner to Mangahawea Bay.  On arrival, Mandy, Azariah, summer, Puti Jumped into the tender and headed towards the rocks and caves along the coast. They swam with many fish and had a very interactive dive with many different ocean species.
Once they arrived back to the ship, Jack and Riley helped hoist the anchor. Renee and Azariah were taking bearing and laying the course route and Jack and Liam held the helm while the other trainees helped hoist the sails.
Sophie, Renee, Maureen and Airim were helping with galley duties, Helping with dinner set up.
We are now anchored in Otiao Bay- the trainees are enjoying some group games before we serve our delicious chicken dinner.
There is rough weather forecasted for tomorrow so we will see what the day brings in the morning.
For now, good night, hope you all had a great day.