Ahoy from the good ship R Tucker Thompson.

Today has been a packed day full of activities and laughter. After departing from Opua Wharf we did a name game – introducing each other to the group, after followed a delicious lunch of macaroni and cheese.

Along our motor to an island we split into our watches and did an orientation of the ship- learning where all the safety equipment is and running through emergency procedures. After learning where everything lives the trainees got the opportunity to put on harnesses and climb aloft and out on the bowsprit, Enjoyed by all.

As we came into the shelter of the islands we dropped anchor and went to shore for a short walk up to a World War 2 gun emplacement to admire the views and take some cool photos. We then made our way back to the beach for a fun game of “sticks and stones” and competitive matches between port and starboard watch. After 10 minutes Port watch won the match.

Everyone now back on board we had some time for a quick swim in the ocean and some of the trainees even got to have a go on the rope swing. With everyone refreshed we lifted anchor and went for a short sail around the bay to our anchorage at Indigo bay.

Right now we just finished a lesson on Man over board and Abandon ship which we will be doing drills on tomorrow.

Everyone is settling in nicely enjoying each other’s company and are all looking forward to tonight’s dinner- Spag-bol

Po Marie