It was a beautiful sunny start to the day. Jack was the first in for the morning swim, followed by the rest of the trainees. Then, it was straight into the morning duties with the trainees becoming familiar with the parts of the ship.
A beautiful breakfast was served, and once the dishes were completed and the safety officers had completed the engine checks, it was time to head through to the saloon to complete classes on Navigation and passage planning, the trainees even set our course for our sail late this afternoon.
While this was happening, one of the crew was getting lunch ready.
Once finished, the trainees launched the tender, and got themselves ready for a long island walk. A walk that normally averages 3 hour, we managed to complete within 1 hour and 10 minutes.
Once the walk was over, we enjoyed a delicious picnic lunch before heading back to the ship.
At the ship, it was decided that Riley, Jack, Renee, Sophie, Summer, Mandy, Azariah and Puti all wanted go for a dive so one of the crew members took them over on the tender to collect some Kinas. Airim and Maureen stayed back and enjoyed a swim and helped one of the crew members down below bake some dessert.
Liam enjoyed some nice peaceful quietness.
With everyone back on the ship, we hoisted the tender, anchor and foresail.
Jack, Azariah and Riley set the course and completed the navigating while Liam stood behind the helm and steered the majority of the way.
With the fore and the anchor now down we’re ready for a delicious silverside dinner, with custard eclairs following for dessert.
There are plenty more cool things coming tomorrow, so stay tuned.