News from the R Tucker Thompson,

After waving you all goodbye at the Opua wharf, we hoisted the foresail and away we went! The name game was played to introduce ourselves and get to know each other.

Today we focused on familiarizing ourselves with the ship, after a warm macaroni cheese, every trainee made their bunks ready and unpacked their belongings.  We went round the ship, pointed out all the safety equipment on-board, the sails, the lines, etc… Then we strapped on the harnesses and all had a go at climbing the rigging!

Jumping in the dinghy for a ride ashore, we explored the ruins of the old military base in Army Bay. Took a couple group pictures on top of the Bunker and took the opportunity to expose the Tatu process to the trainees. (A process in place for them/us to bring up issues at any moment)

Played a few games on the sandy beach, then, avoiding the showers, we got back to the ship and hoisted our anchor, and moved to another anchorage for the night. We are now sat around the table for our first class. Shepherds pie is being cooked in the galley and smells delicious, we cant wait for dinner!