What a beautiful start to the morning in Bucket of Kai bay.
The trainees were straight into the water at 0700. After morning duties it was a delicious fry up breakfast and once dishes were complete port watch went on deck to learn hoisting head sails and anchoring, while starboard watch were down stairs for safety officer and engine start training. This includes, checking the weather and radioing Russell Radio. Once this was complete- we raised the anchor and motored across to Marsden Cross (Rangihoua). On arrival we dropped anchor and launched tender and took the trainees to shore to learn more about the area and the history that comes with it.
With the sun shining and the beautiful views the trainees and the crew loved their time on shore.
Back on the ship the aroma of ham hock soup was lingering all throughout the ship.
After lunch we motored around the corner past Howe’s Point and launched the tender and took the trainees around to view the large sea caves and the many seals that live in the area.
For the afternoon the trainees spent most of their time fishing (Samson caught them all- In fact the same one 5 times) while other trainees spent their time eating the rest of the kinas in the dive bag.
We have now set a new course towards Deep water cove with a full rag we are easily hitting 6 knots- Thomas is down stairs on the charts, navigating.
Dans on the helm. Rene, Makayla and Ruby are on watch on the bow. Manuoa, Wi Taahu and Jae are all tending to the sails, as we head into the darkness.

We have big plans for tomorrow (Weather permitting) keep watching on here or follow us on Instagram and watch our stories-
Hope you all have a great night.

Pomarie Goodnight!