We awoke to a beautiful morning- and after a refreshing dip in the deep blue and a quick on deck hot shower the trainees were straight into their morning duties which was followed by a scrumptious breakfast.
After breakfast we introduced a navigation class to the trainees then Port watch (Wi Taahu, Dan, Makayla, Rene, Manuoa) were straight into their safety officer watches which means they complete the engine checks and monitor the weather and Rene called up Russell radio to report our days plans.
Starboard watch (Jae, Thomas, Ruby, Samson, Kayle) were on deck getting the sails ready and began hoisting the anchor.

With Samson taking compass bearings as we left and Makayla on the wheel we headed out , changed course to 240 degrees and headed for Roberton Island . On arrival the trainees were quick into the tender and off to go for a dive of kina. Nothing like some real food!! Back on the ship we had a delicious lunch then Abandon ship practice before lifting anchor and setting the sails with a new course towards Moturoa  Bucket of Kai Bay.

With Tomas laying off the course and taking bearings to ensure we didn’t get lost and Dan doing a great job of steering we had  an amazing sail across the Bay with the topsails set we arrived with Hot chocolates and freshly baked banana  cake  waiting down stairs for the trainees.
Little Tuc (our row boat) was launched and everyone had a go – with many laughs, Jae even had an accidental swim.
The trainees are now playing some shore games on the beach while we wait for our yummy boil up dinner.

Hopefully we have worn them out enough so they go to sleep early

We hope you all have a good night