Ship in Oke Bay

The ship is nestled snugly in Oke Bay tonight safe from the cold chilly winds. There is no internet signal there so here is the message sent tonight….

It was a great start to the beginning of YTH-2002 as we set the fore sail and eventually the main sail and headed off into the Bay. With very fresh south westerly winds behind us Thomas took the helm followed by Rene and Dan. After setting sails we got everyone to introduce themselves with the name game.The trainees managed to catch two decent sized fish while running down wind past Roberton Island and we had a delicious lunch of Macaroni cheese along the way. Makayla did the first radio call to Russell radio for the week and we set course for Oke Bay for our night anchorage. On arrival we lowered the tender and took the trainees ashore to play some games. It was then time to head back and settle in for the night, with some warm hot chocolates waiting to warm them up.

They are now down below playing games in the saloon waiting for tonight’s dinner of Spaghetti Bolognese. We have heaps of plans for tomorrow and the rest of the week, so we hope you stay tuned in!