Ahoy from the good ship the R Tucker Thompson

This morning everyone was awake by 7:30. Right away, we all jumped in the water and started our morning routine. Warm breakfast was appreciated by everyone as it was a bit cold and wet this morning. Once the dishes were all done, we put on our wet weather gears on and learned about line handling. Even with the rain and cold wind present, this morning everyone was keen to learn and go out for a sail.

By 1100, we were all ready and impatient to go out for a nice sail and enjoyed the swell. In charge of the anchor, we found Dawid, Tama, Renata and Logan, working in close collaboration with Cody who was on the helm. In the mean time Aria did our daily check in with Russel radio. With a steady 20 knots, we made our way towards the historical township of Russell. As we left the bay our sails were full and we raced our way out. We decided to make the most of the 2 meter swells and send the trainees out on the bow sprit and get dunked as the ship pushed its way through the water. Lot of fun. Once it was time to tack, we split into our starboard and port watch. Starboard watch, which included Aria, Renata, Mary,  Branden, Ella and Dennis were responsible of the fore sail. Port watch, which included Cody, Tama, Henare, Dawid ,Logan and Rian, responsible of the heads sails.

We dropped the anchor in Russell by 1300 and a nice hot chocolate was ready for the trainees, which was well deserve after sailing under the rain. Everyone got warm, dry and devoured their lunch very quickly. We then decided to hide from the rain for the afternoon and we aim towards Russell museum for a bit of history.  After the museum, we met with the people in charge of Russell radio, as we check in with them on a daily basic.

Back aboard our good ship, we are now doing some lessons with captain Wayne, while our first mate Ethan is cooking dinner.

We are looking forward more adventure.

Po maire