Ahoy from the R Tucker Thompson

Today has been a beautiful day with blue skies and lots of wind

Our morning started off at 0730hrs with a morning swim just off from Kororareka, shortly after followed morning duties and a delicious frittata made by the first mate Ethan.

While dishes were being done Aria, Henare, Branden and Mary completed the Tucker challenge – Climbing up the shrouds and out to touch the end of the yard arm.

We then split into our port and starboard groups, Port watch was in charge operating the anchor windlass whilst starboard watch was in charge of engine checks radio work and checking our weather for the day.

Once our duties were complete Cody, Denis and Dawid raised the anchor all hands set sail and we made our way back out into the bay of islands. As we passed Tapeka Point we had 3-meter swell head on with the ship, from there we had all trainees out on the bow sprit getting dunked under as we plummeted into the trough. Along our sail both Rian and Tama took the helm and steered us towards our anchorage at Paradise bay.

As we approached the lee of the islands, we doused sails and dropped anchor. A special lunch of pumpkin soup was made for us by captain Wayne. Dishes done once again, and we decided to break up and do a few activities.

Renata and Henare decided to go for a row in little tuc, their first try was a little bit rocky as the ended up falling off the dinghy and sinking it in the process, fortunately though second try was a success. Ethan, Cody, Mary, Henare, Branden, Ella, Logan and Dawid went for a dive for some kina and Cody even got a crayfish!! Whilst Aria, Rian, Denis, Tama and Renata went to the beach to stretch their legs.

All of us are now back on the ship all dry, all warm and all happy. We are about to run over some classes about buoys and beacons and rules of the road and we are looking forward to Crew Jess’s dinner of Lasagna later.

Ma Te Wa