The water was as flat as a pancake- beautiful like glass with Cody first in the water for the morning swim.
Once everyone completed their morning swim, got changed, morning duties were completed and breakfast was devoured the trainees settled in the saloon and soaked in Captain Wayne’s lessons.
Once lessons were completed, Starboard team completed engine checks, weather checks and radio checks before turning the motor on and preparing to set a new course.
Port watch had their first lesson with raising the anchor- It wasn’t the best introduction as the anchor was super muddy- But seeing how well they worked as a team was awesome!
We set sail for Rangihoua. The trainees were then taught of the history associated with the peninsular. Later that day we made haste for Opunga Bay which now is our anchorage for the night. During the passage through to our anchorage, both Jziah and Lucy helped bake a cake whilst Manaia and Sapphire helped Chynna making Doughboys for our dinner !!