With the trainees waving goodbye to their family as we set the fore sail and head off towards the Bay of islands we set a course towards Bucket of Kai Bay as our lunch time stop.
Down stairs the trainees unpack their bunks then we had lunch outside the black rocks before dropping the anchor at Bucket of kai bay.
On arrival we completed an orientation of the ship with Luke, Destiny, Nikora, Jayson, Manaia and Sapphire in Starboard watch and Te Atenga, Lucie, Niveka, Cody, Sumaiya and Jziah in Port watch.
After orientation the trainees had lessons aloft- Many of the trainees spent hours up the rig.
Many of the trainees were keen for a swim and some had some fun on the ships rope swing, we can already tell we have many water rats in the group.
Once the trainees were changed, warm and dry we hoisted the anchor and set a new course towards our night anchorage in Te Puna Inlet.
On arrival we dropped anchor and launched the tender and two of the crew and Manaia and Maiya went to shore to pick up our 12th trainee Jziah.
Back on the ship our new trainee became comfortable with the ship, his bunk and everyone on board.
We sat down and told the trainees about our Tatu process and all about life on board.
Then it was time for our delicious dinner.
The trainees are now completing dishes before we head to shore for a couple night games and team building games.

Hope you all have a goodnight- The trainees have all bonded on here very fast with many songs already being sung.