Kia ora! From the R Tucker Thompson again.

Did anyone else notice that wind and front of rain today?! Well luckily, we were all tucked up in a safe anchorage as she blew over us.

The day started okay weather-wise. The trainees experienced their first morning on the ship which begins with a swim. Maddy was the first to jump in the water followed by everyone else on board. Cleaning the ship came next, while breakfast was cooked. Decks scrubbed, brass polished, floors mopped, and the head cleaned top to toe. Now, I do not need to mention everything we eat … but breakfast was French toast with maple syrup, yum!

It was by then that and rain and wind arrived, and the trainees stayed below decks and learned how to read a chart and do basic navigation calculations in their watches in preparation for planning the week ahead. Then a spontaneous “Abandon ship Drill” was practiced before lunch.

By now, the sun had returned and although there was still heaps of wind it was not quite so strong. Port and Starboard watches went to sail stations. Starboard watch started the engine and prepared to raise the reefed main sail while port watch raised the anchor and stood by the foresail and inner jib. Then yeeha! We sailed! They all got the hang of both gybing and tacking the ship within the Te Puna Inlet. Tonee was first to take the helm steering us well. Then Alyssa and Lily also had a go.

After enough practice, the sails were all lowered and stowed. Then Ethan announced, “MAN OVERBOARD DRILL!” and everyone jumped to station again. Ross with Chance holding him into the ship reached out with the boat hook and retrieved our “Man overboard” (a life jacket).

Back at anchor the captain congratulated everyone on their good teamwork, and everyone had a little rest and free time. Just now the wind is lessening, and everyone is up on deck learning about anchoring theory and tides with Jess while the sun sets and dinner cooks on the stove. We will be safe again in the same anchorage, warm on our good ship.

Hope you all had as much fun as us today… but it will be hard to beat.

Po Marie

Starboard Watch:   Hane, Alyssa, Toatahi, Lily, Tonee, Teina Li

Port Watch :   Wayne, Sarah, Ross, Leilani, Chance, Madison