Good Evening from the R. Tucker Thompson!

After waving goodbye to friends and family, we set the Foresail and headed out to Sea!

Along the way we played a name game to learn who each other is. Shortly after the completion of the orientation of the ship, we unpacked our bags and made the ship more like home.

As we weaved through the Islands of the Bay, all the trainees donned harnesses and climbed into the rigging and out on the bowsprit. We arrived at Urapukapuka Island and dropped our anchor in Paradise Bay.

Being such a warm sunny day, we headed for the beach, every one had a whole lot of fun with games on the beach, then most went for a swim!  Making the most of the gorgeous embracing Sun, we made our way to the beach for more game and a swim.

Now dinner is being prepared by Chynna. Joshua & Te Akau are making us dessert. Each team will enter a dessert of their choice to be judged by all aboard the good ship.

Everyone is in High spirits and Looking forward to an Epic week on the Water! Pomarie