It was a beautiful sunny start to the day as we woke up at 7:15am
Joshua and Samuel were first in the water and swam around the ship for the morning swim, followed by Oshean and Alexandra. Everyone enjoyed a hot shower before completing their morning duties followed by a scrumptious breakfast.
After breakfast we completed a lesson on Line handling before hoisting anchor and setting a course for Motu Kokako Cape Brett. On arrival we launched the tender and the trainees all enjoyed getting a close up view of the hole and the rock and adventured the caves the rock had to offer, while spotting all the friendly seals. We even had dolphins come up and close to the tucker for a quick visit.
With all that excitement out of the way we continued heading around the cape and we stopped in a small bay for a quick dive, which was plentiful in kai Moana (Add us on Instagram so see our stories).
We are now on the path towards Whangamumu, because there is no service in there we are sending our blog early, however we have plans to take the trainees to the beach to teach them the rich history of the area and complete some competitive activities.
The trainees are all bonding super well and are having a great time aboard!
We will give you all a fresh update tomorrow.

Pomarie Goodnight!