Kia Ora From the R. Tucker Thompson

For our first morning, we were all awake by 6:30. Andre and Arlo were the first to jump in the water, followed with enthusiasm by everyone else. After warm showers, everyone started their morning duties, while Captain Terry cooked breakfast. Very impressive to see how this group is adjusting well to the routine of the ship and how well they have bonded  already.

After breakfast, we did a Safety at Sea lesson and then split into our starboard and port watches. Today, port watch was in charge of the anchor, the head sails and the fore sail. Starboard watch was in charge of engine checks, navigation, radio check and the mainsail.

At 10:00, we were all ready and in position to start our journey up the coast. With Sandi-Lee at the helm, we raised the anchor and set the sails. With a  10 to 15 westerly wind we made the best of it by having a full rig, including the top sails and the gaff topsail. What a treat to be able to sail up the coast with a full rig up. A lot of learning for our trainees. On our way towards Tutukaka, trainees were kept busy with lessons on navigation with captain Terry, we had  lunch underway and Ethan taught everyone how to make  some new baggy wrinkles for the ship. Lots of laughter and a geat sail. On the way, Aaron, Darby, Andre and Leiton got a chance to take the helm and steer the ship. Andre, also took the opportunity to accomplish the Tucker challenge while under sail and to drop the top sails with Ethan.

We dropped our anchor at 15.00 in Tutukaka and headed to town to stretch our legs, after the 1100 steps yesterday there wasn’t too much enthusiasm for another long hike. Back aboard the ship around 16:00, some of the trainees jumped in the water, while others took turns at learning to row little Tuck.

Everyone is settling in for dinner with Ethan and Leiton creating  the Tucker version of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Looks like good wind for tomorrow so we plan to have an early start.

Po marie