Kia Ora From the R Tucker Thompson

Today has been a great start to our seventh youth voyage of the season.

As we departed Port Nikau, we settled in with each other by playing a name game and then unpacking our belongings and running through an orientation of the ship. The trainees were also split up into their specific team for the voyage. On port watch we have Andre, Leiton, Darby, Manei, Malchi and Arlo. Starboard watch we have, Aaron, Harlem, Runya, Fiona, Emma and Sandi-Lee. We then all enjoyed a nice lunch on deck while motoring toward Urkuharts bay. Once our bellys were full, the trainees enjoyed their first experience of climbing up the rigging and on the bow sprint.

By 14:00, we dropped the anchor at Urquhart’s Bay and we all went ashore for a hike. During the hike, captain Terry found a treasure, a geo cash. Last time someone found that geo cash was in January 2020. All trainees signed their name and we put it back in. Very special moment.

Back on ship around 16:00 we were welcome by a nice hot chocolate and right away everyone was on deck. We moved the ship into a nice and quiet bay name Smugglers, where we will be spending the nights.

Right now, the trainees are enjoying some free time, while our amazing Michelle is cooking our first dinner, spaghetti.

Overall today has been a very happy and a very educational day for the trainees. We are looking forward for what the rest of the evening brings and what weather pulls through tomorrow.

Po Marie