Day 4 another full on day for the trainees. Started as usual with our morning swim. Whangamumu is a lovely sheltered harbor and everyone thought the water was the warmest so far.   After clean up it was straight into lessons on The Weather, Anchoring and Points of sail.

This is a great group of young adults , they all listen and have great answers so it is a pleasure for the crew.

We had an Abandon ship drill and only realized Jess was missing when Sandi  did her final head count but decided we better head back to the ship and get Jess the Best, life aboard would be pretty quiet without Jess

After that we headed ashore to explore the old Whaling station, Aaron wanted to practice his new found rowing skills so he took “ Little Tuc “and the rest of us took the tender. Climbing up the valley the trainees found a lovely swimming pool in the stream that they just had to jump into.

Fully refreshed it was back on board for Ethan’s fresh scones and soup then some small boat training from Jess . Sandi , Manei, Arlo, Aaron, Runya and Leighton wanted to complete their Tucker  challenge to climb out on the yards so after a lot of crying, cursing and a few tears, we wont say who ?? they were, plus the fearless assistance and encouragement from Andre,  they all achieved their goal.

A great sail round Cape Brett, the topsails set we made our way towards Oke Bay where we stopped off the entrance for an evening fish, Big success with Arlo and Leighton both catching decent size snapper and Emma and Sandi Lee catching a squid so breakfast is looking good.

Anchored up now warm and cozy  below with lots of laughter and stories from the trainees in the saloon and the smell of Lasagna for dinner coming from the galley.

I think they are having a good time.

Po Marie