Kia Ora from the good ship the R. Tucker Thompson

Today was an early start for Arlo, Aaron, Leiton and Ethan. They were up at 5:30 and off to go catch some fish. They came back just in time for the morning swim with 2 pink Maumau and a Golden Snapper. What a nice way to start a day. We then all jumped in the water to celebrate and completed our morning routine. The trainees are now very efficient in the morning and had extra time to help cooking breakfast, which the crew appreciated.

After some lessons, we all went ashore to stretch our legs and see a nice waterfall with our super guide Arlo.

Back on the ship, we did not waste any time and motor our way to the Taniwha cave. We needed to get to the cave before high tide so ended up motoring for about half an hour. We dropped anchor, put on our wetsuits and headed straight to shore. Excitement was in the air. Once we saw the cave, we all thought, “Wow that’s going to be awesome, but scary.” We found our courage and made it through that scary cave. Too much fun. I have no doubt you could hear us screaming and laughing from miles away.

Heading back to the ship, dolphins came in around us then the GreatSights ferry pulled in alongside so the trainees performed a great Haka and were offered chocolate bars in thanks. The tourists and the trainees were pretty happy with the deal.

Highlight of the day was when Sandi dropped her sunglasses over the side and Andre, who was climbing up the mast at the time, jumped off with all his clothes on and recovered them before they sank

Sails up again, topsails set, Arlo steering and we headed off to sea again with Army Bay as our overnight destination

Aaron and others launched Little Tuc ,  Ethan took the girls for a fishing expedition along the coast and Darby and Harlem climbed the rig and completed their Tucker Challenge .

Everyone headed ashore again to watch the amazing sunset and  a night game of spotlight is planned on the beach later on. Hopefully, they should all be worn out and will got sleep without too much noise.


Po Marie