Blog written by Boston.

Kia Ora from the R. Tucker Thompson.

This morning almost all trainees were awake before the sunset, waiting patiently for the captain to wake up and give the all clear to jump in the water. Then we went on to our daily chores. For breakfast we had French toast with fruits salad and beans, cooked by Jess. After breakfast, we had a bunk inspection and for the first time, some of us, not me off course, failed. Then captain came in to give us a lesson in our workbooks.

At 10:00, we catted the anchor and hoisted the sails. Currently the port watch oversees the Fore Sail, the heads sail and the anchor. The starboard watch oversees the main sail, navigation, and the engine check.

We ended up dropping the anchor at Pekapeka bay. For lunch, we had chicken curry with rice, cooked by Pete. After the lunch, we got prepared to ride Mid Tuck to land. On land we climbed Duke’s nose and admired the view.

When we got back to the ship, some of us went for a swim and some did the Tucker challenge.

1st was Me

2nd was Cajun

3rd was Anika

4th was Florence

Tonight, Abby is cooking dinner and Anika and Florence are baking a banana bread with extra chocolate chips. YAY!!!

Let’s see what will happen tomorrow, knowing it will be an early start.