Good evening from the R. Tucker Thompson!

It was a very early morning start for the trainees! 5:30 to be exact!

They were up to go see the sunrise atop the Duke’s Nose. And all the trainees made it to the top! The view was magnificent.

Back to the good ship, Pete the first Mate had prepared breakfast which thankfully was ready for some very tired and very hungry returning trainees. Then, the trainees did their usual morning swim and moved on to chores, which were well executed.

After chores, we had a jam session and made a few Tucker Challenge bracelets. We went on deck and Azariah, Sapphire, Brody, Zara, Abby and our man of the hour Don, with tears brimming in his eyes, from fear or joy, we’re not sure,  finished the Tucker Challenge. Way to go! The trainees who had finished the challenge yesterday went out for a driving lesson on Mid Tuck and Cajan and Boston attempted to row little Tuck. The Captain made a makeshift sailing dinghy, and he and Boston took to the high seas for some bonding time. Michelle gave us a surprise arts and crafts lesson, Cajan was the most involved in the lesson. Michelle and Pete demonstrated their acrobatic skills. Then we had some delectable lasagna made by Jess, last name “The Best” and then we filled our log books, played some games and headed off for an early night.

Ma te wa