Todays blog was written from our trainee- Roimata Wikaira

Starting off the day we all, both trainees and crew members hopped into the water for our morning swims and showers we then proceeded to our morning duties.  Such as washing the tea towels, scrubbing the deck, polishing all the brass above deck, sweeping and moping below deck .

Moving on from there we had breakfast that was cooked by the most sufficient chef on board (according to himself)-Ethan, then we did dishes and our neighbors came over to say a quick hello we weren’t surprised as they had told us the previous day that they were coming.

We then lifted anchor, set all the sails and set out to open sea then along the way our sufficient chef jumped over board  in order to provide us with the opportunity to perform a man overboard drill, my thoughts in relation to the performance of my fellow trainees: I think we did a rather decent job there were however a few areas that we can improve on such as the lowering of mid tuck could be  quicker, and we could have set positions for each of us  and it would help if we had remained as calm as possible.  While we were in open sea areas (3 nautical miles) we dumped  our food scraps, then headed too Rangihoua bay where we embarked on the Marsden cross walk there the trainees learnt about the history of this specific area.

The trainees and some crew members then made their way back too shore where they played a few games.  Then we all came back a board the R.tucker and had a pizza lunch made by the tuckers better chef Chynna.  We then lifted anchor and are now sailing to Chynna Bay for a night time campfire and spotlight games. But before we head to shore, a quick stop for a spot of roast dinner before our exciting adventure ashore.

Please pick us up at 1pm tomorrow otherwise they’ll make us scrub the decks!