Today was a jam-packed day full of adventures. The trainees were up at 0730 and straight in the water for their morning swims. This was followed by a quick warm shower, morning duties, cleaning bunks and breakfast. Straight after breakfast, some trainees cleaned the dishes while others weighed anchor and set a course for Russell.
On arrival, the trainees were waited with excitement and anticipation – excited for the day ahead.

Pounamu took the lead as captain for the day.
Roimata, enjoyed being first mate.
Sally and Teina, were the navigators.
Mahuta and Jett took the helm.
Diarvion and Kazius were hard at work, cooking up a storm.
The anchoring team included, Sally, Nia and Tane and Taiaha.
Teina and Taiaha taught everyone how to climb aloft.
Tane and Mahuta completed the welcoming, while Sally completed the safety briefing.
Today marks a special day as our friends from the special Olympics came aboard so the trainees could share their skills, and how much they have learnt during the week.
Once everyone was on board and we left Russell, we hoisted sails and set a course for Moturoa.
On arrival they launched the tender and everyone went ashore to play beach games.
Back on the ship it was time for a delicious lunch of soup, scones and buns.
After lunch we weighed anchor and set a new course to Russell.
Along the way everyone enjoyed a nice afternoon tea with a hot drink and banana cake, thanks to our chefs.
On arrival to Russell, everyone said their goodbyes and certificates were given out.
Once the guests had safely departed, we headed towards our night anchorage at Moturoa.
For dinner we had delicious Nachos and the trainees had an afternoon of freedom, to choose what they wanted to do.
Tomorrow is their reward day so stay tunned for another exciting day.