Ahoy from the good ship the R Tucker Thompson

Today has been an awesome start to the ninth voyage of the season!

As we left Opua wharf, we motored our way up the channel to the township of Russell, and played a name game along the way. We unpacked our bags and settled ourselves in for the week.

Shortly after we divided into our port and starboard watches ( Port watch – Teina, Diarvion, Taiaha, Kazius, Nia, Mahuta and starboard watch – Sally, Roimata, Pounamu, Hope, Tane and Jett). We raised our sails and set a course for Otaio Bay on Urupukapuka Island, We even managed to set both of our topsails.

During our sail we enjoyed a scrumptious lunch of mac n cheese and we also had some time to put on some climbing harnesses to climb the rigging and go out on the bowsprit.

As we approached Otaio Bay we dowsed sails and made our way in to drop anchor, we then all settled down below and have run through some classes about safety at sea. We are now winding down and looking forward for tomorrows activities.