Blog written by Anika

Good evening from the R Tucker Thompson

Today began at 0700hrs with the last morning swim in the fantastic Whangaroa waters. After our usual daily duties and breakfast, we weighed anchor with no time to waste.

A six-hour journey to Waiiti Bay. The journey was challenging, but Florence got some stylish hair beads, a fish was caught and lost, Cajun, Azariah, Zara, Brody, Anika, Sophia, Friedan went out on the bowsprit and let the wind flow through their hair. We helped Pete make a delicious cottage pie. Doing the dishes below deck while sailing is harder than you would think. But we did it through sickness and health because we are professionals and married to the job. Then we had a workshop with Don about the disabled sibling life and then everyone got their sleeping bags and pillows and took a well-deserved nap on deck.

We arrived at our destination at roughly 5:30 with Boston and Jess tying up the very top sails which are at terrifying heights and munched some dinner prepared by Captain Wayne, though well-cooked it was some questionable “meat” or bone, however you’d like to describe it. The trainees nominated captain Abby and first mate Boston for tomorrows day on the job and are still working on a mean plan for tomorrow.

We can not wait for more adventure.


Po Marie