Kia Ora from the R Tucker Thompson

This blog was written by Ella S.

Today Taunga, Caleb, Rahul, Cole, Kaya and Kane got up early to go fishing and caught some snapper and yellow fin. We had a few lessons on weather and fishing regs. Before we sailed away, everyone got up onto the yards and did the Tucker Challenge. We sailed to Paradise Bay and saw dolphins on the way. We went out on the bowsprit and the dolphins swam under us and played with the waves coming off the bow.

As soon as we arrived, the trainees took off in the dinghy and went to the beach, we played some rugby with some local boaty kids and then went for a hike. We got back to the ship and dove straight into the crystal clear water. Later on, we ate some home-made brownies made by Rahul, Paikea and the two Ellas. To finish off the day, they sang some karaoke and played the guitar. Goodnight everyone.

Po Marie