From the Good Ship R.Tucker Thompson, becalmed in Moturoa, at anchor with drizzle on the deck. A brisk start with Daniel waiting on deck to be first swimmer, he gets the longest shower while others find togs and towel. Duties resulted in the compass gleaming and Tucker all tiddly for the day. After breakfast and dishes a hill climb ashore to the Gun Emplacements and Bunker with views of where we had been. Down to the beach for some games, with Kete being the roll about laughing favourite. Back on board for pizza preparation as mushrooms tomatoe salami and ham got sliced, cheese got grated, paste got spread, oven got hot, we all got hungry and well fed over 12 pizza. Afternoon creeping into our day , up anchor, still, no wind, so off to nearby Tikitiki or Ninepin for a visit, with a dolphin encounter on the way. With Waiorangi, Joe, Tom, Paige, Daniel and Ryan on the bowsprit, Maggie, Tiriti, Katharina hanging over the rail, Natalya, Joshua and Blake aloft, all had great viewing before we broke off with our mission and they carried on with theirs. To Tikitiki where we could cruise up right alongside the gnarly spear of greywacke, unusually devoid of gannet, just the sight and smell of them having been there.   Shut down engine with  30 minutes silence amongst the gentle swell, the sway of the ship, creaking of the rigging, time to reflect on today and the week. Wayne and Magnus had the opportunity for a dive, not often afforded in this environment, no reward, only stories to tell. Realising we are coming up to our last night, found anchor in the last of the daylight. The big fat pork roast is well on, filling the ship with aroma, the ukulele strum rolls with the ship. It will get louder later no doubt as we recount our week and prepare for venturing home tomorrow, see you on the wharf at one clock.

Ma te wa