Good start to the day with a swim and a shower. Breakfast was served after our morning duties : scrambled eggs, baked beans on toast and porridge. Safety officers did the daily engine checks and we all listened to the weather on the VHF.

Leaving our anchorage we got ready to hoist the sails, every trainee was assigned a line. Kjan led the main sail, Leon led the foresail and Soul had the head Sails to supervise. Everyone worked together, and the sails were up in no time. Dolphins were spotted ahead of us, so we strapped the harnesses and we watched them from the Bowsprit, reaching out, almost touching them! Harley and Laura shared the helm. Man overboard procedure was done, and trainees worked to retrieve our drowning dummy.

Anchoring on the sheltered side of Motu Arohia island for lunch, we then got ready for a little walk around the lagoon, picking shells, climbing rocks and watching the surge through the rocks at low tide. Left our anchorage early afternoon to another close by : Moturua island.

After afternoon hot chocolate and banana cake, various activities were set once again. Manaorewa, Journey, Leon went diving, while Kjan stayed on the dinghy fishing. On deck, we got little Tucker in the water, Soul was first for his rowing lesson with the Captain. Shamicah was also briefly introduced to rowing, and so were Tuihana and Shawnee, working as a team, one oar each!  Harley and Sean-John decided to climb up the foremast and completed the Tucker Challenge.

The divers didnt come back empty handed, some mussels were gathered for a little entree, All happy as we were greeted by dolphins once again.  The evening routine settles in. We are now sitting together for a lesson about sailing and rules of the road at sea and finances… The Roast dinner is making the ship smell delicious!