After a warm night in their bunks, the trainees were all ready for their morning swim at 7.30. The sun was slowly shining as we went on with our morning duties. The morning was spent getting to know the ropes, all hands on deck, we did line handling, each trainee took turns in hoisting, making fast and coiling down. We also learned how the engine of the ship works, how the weather systems move around us and how to listen for the weather forecast on the VHF.

We were then ready for a nice long walk around Urupukapuka island. We saw rainbows stretching across the bay, and sat down amongst the trees for a little picnic : sandwiches, apples and a chocolate treat to reward our efforts.

Coming back to the ship, two activities were set : Tucker Challenge and Diving! Keen divers Manaorewa, Journey, Harley and Leon jumped in wetsuits and into the dinghy. Harnesses were handed to the keen climbers. First up aloft for the challenge was Soul, quickly followed by Georgia, Shawnee, Shamicah and Kjan.

Wanting to make the most of the wind conditions, we got ready to raise the anchor and hoist some sails! Two reefs in the mainsail, foresail and jibs. The rolling swell didn’t stop any of the trainees from hanging out in the bowsprit or in the shrouds, giggling and smiling at each wave. Tuihana and Laura seemed to enjoy steering the ship.

We have now anchored in Opunga bay, volunteers helped with peeling the vegetables and are now enjoying time in each other’s company, playing games and filing in their logbooks with todays adventures.