YTH2405 – Ra Tuaono – Day 6

Success! The team has taken on the challenge of taking over the ship and succeeded, sailing successfully from Moturua island to Waewaetorea island to Wairoa bay. The day started like all the others with our swim (which many of the crew were up early for), cleaning and breakfast. After that we got into elections where the crew unanimously voted in our captain followed by our first mate and 3 team leaders. This lead directly into making our plan which resulted in an ambitious plan of completing everything we had left on our list of activities that we made at the start of the trip.

We set off loosing sail and sailing around to Waewaetorea passage where we anchored up, unfortunately the tide was too high for us to get to shore as planned straight away so we went into plan B. Plan B meant the team split up a group went out fishing, some went swimming using the rope swing and a manu competition and the remainder cooked up a sausage sizzle for lunch. After lunch we had orange sour cream cake before going ashore and having a snorkel!

The challenge was then set it was 3pm and we needed to get to the other side of the bay to finish our list. We set sail and the wind filled in and we flew across the bay having our second twilight sail getting to watch another beautiful sunset. Now we are enjoying our roast pork dinner with a shore trip to come for our last night together.