YTH2405 – Ra Tuarima – Day 5

We made it back! We woke up this morning to the last of the grey skies by breakfast time (pancakes!) the blue sky was out and we could take in the beauty of Whangaroa harbour for the first time properly. This change in weather changed our plans instead of getting straight into sailing we decided to explore with the team splitting in two. Half went for a walk up to dukes nose to take in its amazing view the other half went for a walk to a closer lookout leaving time for them to get back to the ship and bake us a self saucing pudding.

Once everybody was back onboard we got straight into it with a massive sail ahead of us we needed to get moving! We loosed and set 6 of our sails, unfortunately the wind wasn’t playing the game and we needed to start the engine, making our way back toward the Cavalli’s, which was our backdrop for our lunch of snapper caught and cooked by our team. After that we finally got some wind and sailed the entire afternoon back to the bay, enjoying an amazing sunset while under way. We are now at anchor at Moturoa Island ready for our shepherd’s pie dinner, with a kiwi walk to look forward to tonight.