YTH2405 – Ra Tuawha – Day 4

What a sail! This morning we woke up to grey skies ready for our morning swim with us all enjoying the warm fresh water wash after. After our morning clean and breakfast we loosed sail and set off for Whangaroa harbour. It was a cracking sail getting up to 6 knots, we started off with just fore and aft sails so we could make the correct heading to get around flat island. Setting our topsails (our after boosters) as we rounded the island going towards the opening of the harbour. Not to mention the dolphin pod which gave us an escort and did some tricks for us as we approached the harbour.

Getting to the harbour we enjoyed our pasta lunch and some warm brownie! After the dishes we did some little tuck sailing, Tucker challenge and constructed our egg zip line creations, ready for testing later this evening. We then got into a massive fishing session which we got some snapper ready for lunch tomorrow, Oli catching the biggest fish!

Now we’ve got boil up for dinner before we launch our eggs in their biodegradable protective suits down the zip line of doom to see which team has a future in engineering.