Our last full day on the ship today started like every other with a morning swim, duties and warm breakfast. The morning was spent in class having lessons on road rules at sea, weather systems and the phonetic alphabet. Only today left to impart knowledge to the trainees before they take over the ship and sail her tomorrow. After that we tested their knowledge with a line-chase competition between the port and starboard watches. Starboard won. Next under Faye’s guidance everyone tidied up the ship before 30 minutes of silence on the ship and time for reflection on the week that has been.

It was then free choice activities time; rowing Lil’ Tuc, learning to drive the tender, climbing, swimming and helping make the pizzas for lunch. E.J. went out in the tender, fast becoming skilled and passed on the knowledge to Cyrus and Ryley under the guidance of crew. Both Zayn and chief had a go at rowing Lil’ Tuc. Catlin and Ankit went for a swim after helping with the pizzas. Meanwhile, also after helping with pizzas, Maioha went for a climb again up the rigging.

Lunch of course was homemade pizzas! Enjoyed by everyone!! Good fuel too for the next thing. After dishes it was all hands on Deck to set the sails. Zayn took the helm while the others set the Mainsail, Foresail, and headsails. Then Eloise and Pierre went aloft to untie the Lower Topsail and that was set also.  Under sail and no engine we rode over the rolling two meter swells and sailed at about 5 knots in a gentle 15 knot breeze. Turning back, Catlin took the helm, and all others helped lower the sails.

The ship is anchored now in a sheltered bay near to Putakokota Bay and Te Hue. Everyone is on deck enjoying the setting, evening sun. Archer is climbing the rigging. Anikit, Zyan and Maioha are trying to catch fish. Others are swimming. The roast is in the oven for our last dinner together. Luckily for us the weather has turned out good once again for the sixth day in a row.

See you all in Opua tomorrow!