Evening all, from the R. Tucker Thompson on our first day of the Far North Holdings Leadership Voyage. We started the day in brilliant June sunshine and mirror like seas. After leaving Opua, the Trainees helped set the fore sail as we departed. Tomas and Wiremu hauled the sail right to the top. Then everyone learned each other names before unpacking a getting settled into their bunks. Lunch was served at sea and we crew were impressed by how quickly everyone volunteered to do the dishes. Taedyn was at the wheel for a while before we anchored up in the beautiful Lagoon Bay at Motu Arohia. Orientation of the ship and safety equipment was next. Then Harness safety and a trail at climbing aloft. After learning the basics of line handling it was time to stretch the legs on the island. Everyone walk up to the look out at the top of the hill and then enjoyed some games on the beach. As the sun set the Captain Ari went to pick up the last of the crew from Long Beach. Also coming was a guest speaker for dinner to talk about leadership and set a challenge to the Trainees. With everyone back on the ship, Stuart, (the speaker) is now talking to everyone about leadership types and techniques. Soon we will enjoy a shared meal of spaghetti bolognese. Later, Stuart will return to shore and the Trainees will spend their first night on the ship. The week ahead looks good so be sure to check in again here again for tomorrows adventures.