Early morning rain brought the crew out of bed, but a small break in the clouds gave the chance for Harper to lead the charge in our early morning swim. Everyone got in with a smile despite the gusts of wind that were swirling around.

After a hearty breakfast and a dishes washing team that was fronted by Ngapera (who wasn’t even rostered on!) everyone got up on deck to start learning the ropes, literally. All got involved in line handling practise  learning how to coil a rope, pull a rope and tie a rope off with style and safety.

We then moved on to harness practise and again everyone got involved making it up the mast as far as the crosstrees at least.

With these skills learned, we upped anchor, raised sails and took off across the bay, passing squalls of rain and wind just added to the excitement. Harper, Emma and Helena took to the mast and stayed up in the rigging through the worst of the weather, only coming down when it was time to lower the sails.

We dropped the anchor at Indico bay , Urupukapuka. Gulped down lunch and climbed into wetsuits, The whole team went for a snorkel before coming back to the ship and getting out the swing. Willow plucked up her courage and was leaping from the rigging, Mark missed a few countdowns…. before leaping from the swing.

A hot chocolate to warm up and we headed to the beach to get involved in a couple of Wiremu’s awesome games. Everyone got involved and there was some serious laughter and competition! Te Oranga, Cooper, Jordyn, Rihari and Anika all showed some serious skill when it came to protecting their stone eggs.

Once back on board we picked up the anchor again and are now steaming around to Oke Bay for the night.  Dinner smells great, the crew are playing cards in the saloon or chilling out at the helm. Everyone will sleep well tonight!