Kiaora friends and family of the R. Tucker!

The second voyage of the year has begun. After some games on shore to break the ice, we threw our lines and waved goodbye to the families and friends that came down to see us off.

Heading out into the bay we played a name game before we had a nice steamy lunch of mac and cheese, which was devoured by everyone. Then we unpacked our bags and trainees went through orientation, getting familiar with all the processes on board.

By this time we had reached Moturua Island, where we dropped anchor and went ashore for a walk and some games. Wiremu showed us a rock throwing game before we walked around the island, seeing heaps of Tieke and North Island Robin.

Back on the ship, we had a delicious afternoon tea of Cooper’s mums muffins she made for us. Thank you!

Now we are at anchor just out of Pipi Bay, with dinner bubbling away on the stove. Anika, Emma, Ngapera, Helena and Rihari went for a swim, the first ones to use the tarzan swing.

Now everyone is sitting around the table playing cards, making lots of noise, getting to know each other.

Po marie