Ahoy from the good ship R Tucker T.

Our day started with our morning swim in the chilly seas leazxd by Helena, Emma, and Ngapera, shortly after followed morning duties which consisted of sweeping, moping, scrubbing the decks and polishing the brass.

After breakfast Mark and Jordyn raised anchor and we steamed over to Mimiwhangata bay for team building activity’s and some relaxing time on the beach. Along the way we did some knot tieing and even had a few races.  An activity that put trainees to the test ashore was to blind fold a team member and navigate them through a course with only sound (no words) Harper was the overall champion. Back on board for some soup made by Kapene Wayne which was enjoyed by all we raised anchor again and moved around the corner for a dive to get some kai moana for dinner. Rihari, Anika, Cooper and a few other trainees explored the marine life and we ended up in total catching 4 cray fish.  Emma, Te oranga and a handful of others didn’t go diving but explored around the bush and rocks ashore. Everyone now back on board we all settled down and had a few lessons on navigation- learn how to plot positions and how to figure out time speed and distance equations in preparation for our journey out to the poor knights tomorrow.

Po Marie