As we left Opua wharf, the foresail was hoisted by the trainees. We got to know each other with the name game and made ourselves familiar with our space for the coming week, by unpacking and making our beds. Mac & cheese was served and dishes were done by helpful volunteers.

As we zigzagged our way around the islands, we spotted a little pod of dolphins, they swam next to us for a while and as we parted we hoisted the main sail and the jibs, and turned off the engine. Ship orientation and harness demonstration was done and Shawnee led the way aloft. Quickly followed by Shamicah, Tuihana, Journey and Kjan.

The trainees all took part in bringing the sails down as we approached paradise bay on Urupukapuka island. Once the dinghy was launched in the water, we jumped in for our little afternoon ashore. Games were organized by the crew on the sandy beach, laughs and giggles and then a walk up the hill to check out the views of the island.

4 o’ clock swim, swing and jumps before the sunset, some of us helped peel some spuds, some of us changed into warmer clothes and as we wait for tonight’s dinner :  a nice and warm cottage pie, we are currently playing
cards or the guitar as the evening chill slowly sets in outside.