Rua Ra

From the Good Ship R.Tucker Thompson. At sea once more after loading trainees yesterday afternoon, a quiet night at the dock we woke to duties on board. Sweep and mop below decks and polish the brass of compass, skylight and hatch brass. A hearty breakfast was served as we waited for the laundry to finish by machine. The crew went through linehandling in preparation for a day sail in the harbour whilst we waited for the Heritage ships to leave. Up to the harbour bridge and down to Bean Rock lighthouse, passing the container and passenger berths with lunch on deck. The helm exchanged between Noho, Monique, Caileee. The ukelele and guitar under the stewardship of Tumanako and Zeran afforded rhythm to the morning. The Tucker Challenge was achieved by Awatea and Joana.  Natalia selected her wetsuit in preparation for a snorkel at first opportunity. Ships delayed we ventured once more to the bridge and turned to set all sail. The Endeavour had just left as the top sails were set and we easily hit 8 knots in flatwater towards Devonport and North Head chasing her. A wear at Bean Rock had us heading towards Rangitoto light tower on starboard and closing down on the Endeavour to port,  with the Spirit of New Zealand well astern. We were  alongside sailing fast and soon past, sweeping under her bow out to port. Then launching the tender we went back towards Endeavour for a classic photo opportunity, once in a lifetime with a fair breeze allowing us to cut across her stern for some great shots. Once done we settled into our new course we negotiated through two cargo ships at anchor towards the passage between Whangaparoa and Tiri Matangi, destination Kawau Island.

The helm frequently rotated, well swapped amongst trainees, as they became more familiar with steering there was less rotating and more steady as she goes,  with a good fifteen knots pushing us along at over 6 knots.

The galley became busy, potato peeled, chicken rolled and herbed. With still 12 miles to sail to anchor.