With the ship all ready and spic and span, the Tuia 250 voyage crew arrived at 4:30pm.
On arrival they settled into their bunks, unpacked their bags and got to meet their fellow voyage companions. We all introduced ourselves up on deck.

Being already quite late in the day, we just had enough time for orientation, making ourselves familiar with the safety equipment, the general setup of the ship, and what it contains. We then sat around the saloon table, sharing stories and a good feed. Some of our neighbours aboard the Tahitian waka Fa’a’faite joined us, we heard their stories about stars and navigation… just the ideal dream material for bedtime.


Still moored in Gisborne Harbour, we awoke, all ready for a sail! But we first took the opportunity to go for a nice walk up the hill, to see the monument and the view stretching across the bay.

Casting the lines, leaving our berth and setting the topsails took only a couple minutes, our new voyage crew was ready to hoist some sails! We sailed for a couple hours, heading East, had some lunch, adjusted the sails, started fishing, took turns steering. The drizzle thickened, becoming rain. We gybed, aiming towards tonight ‘s anchorage, that we reached a few hours later. Once anchored, the rain stopped, giving space to the beautiful sunset. Dinner and early night for all.


Waking up at anchor after a very calm night was a great start to the day! A jump in the ocean, followed by a hot shower, deck wash, brass, sweep and a mighty breakfast. We saw the flotilla sail past us. It was then our turn to raise our anchor and head out for a sail.

Mainsail, Foresail, Outer jib, Topsails and Course sail were set on a NE heading. Today is a special day, considering it’s the Good Ship’s birthday! We practiced our waiata, and sang the ballad of the R.Tucker.T, playing the tune on the guitar while we all sang along. We caught a couple more Kawahai and a Gurnerd. Fish was on the menu for lunch! Fish Pie, fried fish, steamed fish. And apparently rain was also on today’s menu. Testing our wet weather gear, we gybed, and aimed towards Tolaga Bay. Another kawahai was caught, the gaff topsail was added, chocolate treats were shared.

The sun sets, while a Boil-up is simmering. We have now anchored next to the other vessels. Enough time for us, to hang our clothes to dry before dinner.

A chocolate cake was made for the occasion. Happy 34th Birthday RTT!