Yth 1804- Rua ra blog

Rua ra

Ahoj from the Good Ship R.Tucker Thompson, a swimming, sailing, sporty, swinging day. With an increase in competition of the Tai Tokerau Challenge. There was a stiff breeze across the deck for the morning swim but Jordan and Campbell went for the points. About the ship for duties Kristy and Prairie had the tidiest empty bunks, while Eva and Crystal got points for polishing brass. That was all before breakfast and dishes, too early to judge on dish washing.

Then it came down to sailing the ship with competitors becoming trainees again, learning lines and the sequence of hoisting sails, this is all in preparation for our coastal passage out of the Bay. We sailed over to Oneroa before putting in a tack and a long board to Urupukapuka bay, with Crystal and Michaela sharing the helm. Anchoring for lunch and a busy afternoon ashore. Competitors again,  first with the heaving line challenge which saw points shared by Eva /Crystal and Kristy/ Prairie. Next up with long jump with Kase able to get a better distance than Johnathan with Campbell in third. Then the massive sand castle or sculpture event, results still to  be determined as the trainees enjoy the last of the sun, the cook busy in the galley and an overnight anchorage next on the agenda. With the wind all gone we rolled our way under steam to Orokawa, calm anchorage , ideal for some catch up classwork.

The sandcastle competition is been judged, Jordan and Campbell created a turtle, Kyah used Kase as a live mermaid, Eva and Crystal built a pa for Wayne, Michaela and Isabella had a tall ship sailing past an island, Boston and Johnathan had a lizard dragon creature, Kristy and Prairie went for the Tucker replica. It was a tough close competition, another tie for first with Boston and Johnathan taking out third. Will go away and sort out final scores for the day and total to date. More tomorrow.

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