Ahoj from the good ship.

Matiu and Taine were the first on deck this morning for our very refreshing ocean swim. Everyone then did their deck scrubbing, brass polishing and floor washing for morning chores before breakfast.

After breakfast dishes, Anna and Grace jumped into the galley to make everyone some afghan biscuits. In the saloon, trainees learnt the basics of navigation while others had a go at rowing Lil Tuck around the ship, some staying drier than others.

While the smells of lunch wafted through the ship, Matiu, Taine, Bella, Emily, Michelle, Cherysh, Portia, Anna, Grace, Te Miringa had a snorkel around the boat on the Tucker reef. Sarah went for a climb in the rigging watching the snorkelers from aloft.

After some pizza for lunch, we all went ashore and Matua Wiremu shared some knowledge about the moon and showed us how to fly a kite. Then we walked down the beach to do our 30 minutes of silence climbing trees and exploring around the rocks. We played some more games and then left the beach, heading back to the ship to make dinner and drink hot chocolate.

Now trainees are all making a racket playing Mafia in the saloon while the dinner is getting cooked  in the oven. Afghans for dessert tonight!

Po marie