Ahoj from the Good Ship R.Tucker Thompson, still at anchor in Whale Bay, where we have been all day, making the most of the day and our surroundings. Woke to rain on the deck and brisk duties before breakfast and time to catch up on class work.

The galley filled the ship with aromas and warmth as the trainees went through Rules of the Road, Weather and Tides, Phonetic Alphabet and Navigation, whew. As the clouds dispersed Keisha and Tia went for a swim, Chloe took on the challenge once more getting up to the crosstrees this time, top effort. Alex went aloft and Freda had an acrobatic swing.  D’arje,Thomas and Remutai went through their repertoire of waiata. Bracelets and anklets were made with Maya helping out, Scott revealed some more of his drawings, Ellie and Breanna hovered about with books and conversations. A tight team able to mix and mingle at will with each other and crew. The table is the communal meeting place and the upper deck when weather permits the playground. The rest day much needed after a busy few days and saving up for a full day of activities tomorrow with improved weather and enthusiasm to make the most of it all.