Ahoj from the Good Ship Tucker Thompson, exploring the Bay of Islands, early morning to late at night. This day we reversed a few things due to weather conditions, it was bit damp for a swim to start so we picked up the anchor and did duties on the way to Urupukapuka bay, breakfast on arrival, dishes on departure to shore for some run around exercise, much requested by all trainees. Options of touch rugby or bat down saw a six, six split, with Remutai and Thomas stretching the opposition, Freda and Alex ducking about, Scott proving elusive and D’arje deceptive in the touch. Keisha showed no mercy smashing the ball all over the beach, Breanna with some great catches, Tia came in for some slugs, Chloe showed you don’t need to know what you are doing to be enthusiastic, Ellie and Maya took turns batting and bowling in close. Then a break with some games of skill of silence in a group and also a tree blindfold game, lots of laughs. A problem solving equation to complete the morning’s activities. On board for a hearty lunch and swim with little Tuck launched for some oarsmanship about the ship, still, no wind.

Time for a hike back ashore up to the clifftops of Urupukapuka island for some buried treasure of mini moro and an agreed 30 minute silent period looking out over the Pacific Ocean and watching a developing frontal system slide down the coast towards us. “ When clouds appear as  rocks and towers, the earth refreshed by frequent showers”  As we lost Ninepin from view we high tailed down to the tender and ship, the first load back in time to get the towels and togs in for the second load arriving a little damp. With freshly iced  banana cake and hot chocolate the trainees were again ready for action. In search of a breeze we hoisted main and headsails and went looking as the sky cleared, but alas no joy, motoring mostly, we spent some time learning knots, going aloft, hanging on the bowsprit, laughing and conversing with a Man Over Board drill thrown in amongst it.  Our overnight hideout of Whale Bay on the north eastern corner of Pourerua peninsula, pre-empting the forecast put over on Russell Radio, could be a wet, wild night and another damp start to the day, With still some class work to get through and lots of baking to do could be a quiet start to the day, yeah right!

Po marie