Ahoj, from the Good Ship R.Tucker Thompson, back at anchor in Orokawa after a hectic day on the high seas. After the swim in morning sun and dry decks they were soon awash with scrubbing and buckets of water, the brasso up on deck to polish up the brightwork for the day, down below the sole swept and mopped and the head cleaned we all enjoyed a Tucker breakfast. With no wind on the horizon it was time for a Tucker challenge and Alyndrea was keen to complete this before we weighed anchor. In no time she was up the shrouds, through the tangle of lines, stepping out onto the yards and arm stretched out to touch the end, back to the mast and down on deck, job done.

With anchor stowed, the welcome breeze arrived as the main, fore and headsail were hoisted and set,  a course for the outside of the islands with Aaydin on the helm. The five knots again were taught on deck to Kristen, Hemi, Ezra, Paris and Tylah. Quentin going aloft with Elliot and Chloe and Guy on the bowsprit. We arrived at our destination, Waewaetorea, in time for Elliot to help in the galley with a cake mixture as the macaroni came out for lunch, the cake went in, perfect.

Dishes complete, tender afloat, we were soon on the island for a beach comb, bat down, hill climb for the adventurous, then shelter from a shower, before more games and laughter. The morning breeze had risen up so we headed off, as the anchor was raised, Trainees stood to their lines in preparation to hoist. With a full main, two headsails, a strong west south westerly we dived out into the bay with waves soon over the rail and  across the deck, harnesses gave access to the bowsprit for a wild ride while others dodged spray. Aaydin delighted in the conditions and experience of a wild sea, testing his balance on a rolling deck. Then a tack was put in and we headed back to the shelter of the inner islands and a safe quiet over -night anchorage. Time for a class or two before dinner, hatches closed to keep in the warmth and aroma as the chicken bakes away. A pretty full day with a great sail in perfect Tucker conditions, trainees abuzz with the day. Day three draws to an end, more fun tomorrow.

Po marie