It was a beautiful start to this morning’s antics. A beautiful day for a birthday! Moata turns 14 today. Waking up at the poor knights the trainees bounced out of bed and were hyped up for the morning swim. After the morning swim the duties were completed and the trainees awaited a delicious breakfast. The dishes were completed and the trainees all gathered in the saloon for a class session. Then it was decided that we would head out for a snorkel. Everyone geared up, the tender was launched and off we went.

Jacob, Moata, Kayla, Paige, Skye, Nathaniel, Jesse went for a snorkel- joined by XL snappers and a friendly seal!

Croatia, Douglas and Rachel went for a tiki tour on the dingy in the meantime and had a look at the various archways and caves around the Southern Harbour of the Poor Knights.

Back on the ship with a quick shower to warm up, we hoisted the anchor and left the Poor Knights to our night anchorage at Tutukaka. While pizza was being made for lunch, trainees climbed the rigging, played the guitar and the ukulele, had bracelets made while Gregory, Skye, Jacob and Moata steered the ship.

Once we got to Tutukaka, the anchor was dropped and it was time for class and cake making.

Now we are about to have dinner and afterwards, Moata will be able to blow out the candles on his birthday cake!

Day 5 and all the trainees are like family, often requiring volume control from the crew. Last full day tomorrow and it will be a good one.

Po marie

P.s sorry for the late post everyone, the daylight savings has us a bit confuzzled