Today marks the start of the Te Tai Tokerau challenge!

After a farewell at Port Nikau from Northpower, we headed off down Whangarei Harbour to begin our adventure. The trainees and crew got to know each other with a little name game, and then trainees went below to unpack their belongings and get familiar with the ship.

Mac n cheese for lunch, which was devoured. Volunteers for dishes earnt points for their school. Then trainees went through orientation and going aloft. Everyone had a go at climbing the rigging and riding the bowsprit.

Then we left the calm of the harbour and began to bash our way through the waves to get to our night anchorage at Tutukaka. Those that were enjoying the views up the rigging hastily came down after their heads started spinning and there was a few that lost their lunch over the side as we made the long journey down the coast.

Once we made it to the lovely calm haven of Tutukaka, we dropped the anchor and got ready to eat dinner.

Now we’ve had dinner and some volunteers, earning themselves points, are doing the dishes!

Po marie