With Jack being first in the water this morning, it was straight into morning duties followed by a delicious breakfast.
Once the trainees had gathered together some warm clothes and water proof gear, we hoisted anchor, Main, Fore, Gibs and Topsails and went out and had some fun in the weather.
First setting a course for the black rocks- This was completed by Riley and Azariah. Liam, Puti, Jack and Airim shared the helm. Then a new course was set for Roberton Island.
On arrival we got rid of the sails, dropped the anchor and it was time for a spot of lunch. Curry!! Yummy!!
We all completed an abandon ship DRILL which was completed amazingly.
This was followed by some lessons on Rules of the road at sea, Phonetic alphabet, Finances and Fishing regulations.
Then it was free time. Renee, Azariah, Riley and Puti thought this time was best spent having a swim in the pool. The other trainees happily watched with laughs from the trainees freezing faces. Sophie took photos. One of the crew went for a dive and gathered some rather big green lipped mussels.
Back down stairs some of the trainees were helping with dinner, while other trainees were playing games, the guitar or just bonding.
For entrée- we had garlic bread and sautéed mussels in a chilli garlic herb butter.
For our main- A succulent cottage pie with a crispy cheese topping.
And for desert- Custard with chocolate drizzled on top.
After dinner dishes were completed the trainees enjoyed a bit more free time before completing some book work.
The crew are about to introduce a new game before lights out.
Hope you land dwellers had a good day-