YTH 2003 Rima Ra

By Crew |
 August 4, 2020 |
Blog written by the trainees…


Ahoy from the trainees of the R Tucker Thompson

This morning we all woke up at 0730hrs and had a wash in the cold water, we did our morning chores and had the best breakfast made for us by Ethan.

We then did dishes and went to the island for a walk and went to visit Otehei Bay to play some games and have a conversation with one of the project island song staff and learn about the conservation on the islands. We also learnt and saw the nursery and all the fish in the protected waters of the area.

We made our way back to the ship and had a quick swim off the ship before having chick chow mien for lunch by Michelle. After that we had a quick clean of the ship then we set sail and did a circumnavigation around the eastern side of the Bay of Islands, we even got to learn how to use the top sails!

Throughout the sails we all ended up taking over the ship with supervision of the crew, we got into the routine of taking the ship and got a better understanding of how to raise and lower the sails.

We arrived and dropped anchor in Omakiwi Cove where we will be spending the night. We are all planning to head ashore for a game of spotlight on the beach and are looking forward to our journey out to the hole in the rock tomorrow.

Good night from Mary, Cody, Denis, Ella, Aria, Branden, Logan, Henare, Dawid, Tama, Renata, Rian.