Hello from the Good Ship R. Tucker Thompson.. We Woke up to a stunning day! All jumped in for a morning swim, which woke every one up and we got into the morning chores with vigour!

After breakfast we all headed ashore and explored the old whaling station and stream. We then walked over to the adjoining beach where the Tai Tokerau Challenges got under way! The game called  Kite (pronounced  Kitee in Maori) was 1st, with Tiapa taking the win!

Tug of war came was the next challenge won also by Taipa! Then came the sandcastle challenge which was a hard one to judge with some impressive castles!

Once back aboard ship, no time was wasted in weighing anchor and setting sails. We headed out of Whangamumu and turned south, the breeze was light, so we made our way slowly down the coast.

As we sailed the Trainees learnt the important knots used by Mariners.

We arrived in Mimiwhangata Bay, lowered sail and dropped the anchor.

Little Tuc was put into the water and the final Tai Tokerau Challenge for the day got under way! In their teams, the trainees “rowed” Little Tuc around Big Tuc… the fastest team around the ship picked up a point for their team, which went to Okaihau school!

We have now finished dinner cooked by Zeran, and will head to the beach for a game of spot light.

All are happy and well!

Pomarie, good night.