YTH-2113 Tahi Ra

By Crew |
 July 27, 2021 |
fun on the sand

Kia Ora friends and whanau of the R Tucker Thompson,

A delightful day one. The ship comes to life when we get a new bunch of trainees onboard and we are all fizzing for the week ahead.

After we left the wharf, we played a name game and unpacked for the week. We had lunch on deck with a few orcas alongside the boat, which was pretty special. After lunch, we did a ship orientation to get everyone familiar with our beautiful vessel. Climbing and a sea safety lesson followed. We dropped the pick at Roberton island and went ashore for a stretch of the legs and some beach games.

It has been an action packed first day but the team is coming together well. An awesome crew to head down the coast with. Bring on the adventures.

Ma Te Wa.